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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Yes, they do work and there are millions of users worldwide. Platforms like YouTube have made them even more popular.

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How Long will it take for the subliminal to work?

You will usually notice results within 2 weeks, but it may even be as fast as...

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What is the best way to listen?

The Best way to listen to the subliminal program is with headphones or earphones. This makes sure the messages are...

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Can I do other activities while listening to the subliminal program?

Yes, you can multitask while using the subliminal programs, that includes working, exercising, playing video games or...

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What is Anti Piracy Affirmations? Will it effect or activate if I make multiple copies of the subliminal program I have purchased to use for myself?

First, as long as it is your intention to use the subliminal program just for yourself...

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Can I take a break while listening to a subliminal program?

Super clean, minimalistic, stylized mockup collection with awesome customization features and huge resolution.

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Our Customers Love Supreme Confidence 2.0!

Harry Keller
Harry KellerPhotographer

Supreme confidence is a great program, It really does what it says in the email. Thank you, Mind Pro for bringing this little tool into reality. It's helped me tremendously!

Arisia Liang
Arisia LiangSenior UI/UX Designer

I appreciate that I got to try the free version of supreme confidence, this is a fantastic product. I didn't even notice the change until I had to give a presentation, and for the first time I was not nervous and speaking so confidently. I can't wait to see what the paid version will do.

Amy Whitfield
Amy WhitfieldHome Designer

Wow, supreme confidence is an awesome program. Thank you!! The REAL difference between this and everything else I've tried is that you can feel the difference here coming from INSIDE... not outside! You've changed MY life. Thank you

Jeremy Bentham
Jeremy BenthamPersonal Trainer

Not easily impressed, but supreme confidence is one exciting program. It will NOT get deleted. The paid version is phenomenal.

10 Reasons Why Confidence Leads to Success

Self-confidence is needed to believe in one’s own skills, goals, and ability to succeed.