Consciousness Creates Reality

Before we go into how Consciousness Creates Reality, let’s first look at how our cells function in the body. The human body is comprised of 50 trillion cells, when we look ourselves in the mirror and say theirs a single entity, that’s an illusion.

The community of 50 trillion cells in a human, is the living entity. Every day in a normal body hundreds of billions of cells die everyday. Just with-in the small time frame of you reading this, a hundred million cells have probably died, hair cells, skin cells, and blood cells. Obviously something is replacing your dying cells everyday or you wouldn’t be here.

That’s why our body also has stem cells. DR. BRUCE LIPTON grew stem cells in a tissue culture about 50 years ago. He took one cell and put it in a dish all by itself, and every ten hours it would divide. So first there’s 1 cell, than 2, and 4, and 8 than there’s 16 and it doubles and doubles. After a week he had 30,000 cells in a petri dish from one parent.


Whats the point?

He had 30,000 genetically identical cells that all came from the same parent. So he took these 30,000 genetically identical cells and split them into 3 dishes. Each dish has a different culture medium environment.

  • In one culture medium the cells formed muscle
  • In the second culture medium the cells formed bone
  • And in the third culture medium the stem cells formed fat

The cell was responding to the environment. So lets understand why this is relevant to us as humans instead of just some cells in a plastic dish. Again the human body has got 50 trillion cells in it, the cells are the living entity.


So what does this have to do with Consciousness Creating Reality?

A human body is a skin-covered petri dish with 50 trillion cells, with the original culture medium being the blood. So, the cells in my body are in a skin covered petri dish responding to the chemistry of the blood which is the culture medium, which determines our fate. Knowing that, there are two important questions.

1)Who’s the chemist?

In the lab Dr. Lipton made the culture medium. But in your body, who is putting the chemistry into your blood? The answer is, the brain is the chemist. Than comes the most important question of all.

2) What chemical’s should the brain put into the blood?

Good question, because if you change the chemicals you change the fate of the cells. What ever picture you hold in your mind (the thoughts you dwell on), the brain translates that picture into chemistry complimenting the picture in your mind, puts that chemistry in the blood, and the body responds to the picture in your mind.

I can have a picture of health or I can have a picture of fear, which is different chemistry. For example, when your in love the brain releases love chemistry, which is like dopamine, pleasure. That’s why falling in love is so great, it also releases oxytocin which bond’s you to the source of your love, and vasopressin that makes you more attractive to your partner so your biology is now advertising i’m a healthy, happy person.

But the big one is growth hormone when your in love, the chemistry of the body provides extreme health. Which is why people glow when they fall in love, it’s all chemistry.

Now let’s look at today’s chemistry in fear. If I picture fear in my mind it causes stress hormones, cortisol, and factors that shut down the immune system called cytokines. So the blood of a person in love has a different chemistry than the blood of a person in fear.

This is a fact that most people don’t accept or refuse to believe, but it’s a fact of science. The most valid science on planet earth is called quantum physics. There is no science that has been tested more, affirmed more, or proven to be more truthful than quantum physics.

The first principle of quantum physics is consciousness is creating your life experience. The biology we just talked about is the interface of how consciousness controls the chemistry from the brain. Which controls your life experiences, your genetics, your behavior, and the character of your life. We are creating our life experiences with our consciousness. So now for the 2 part question.

Where are you getting your consciousness from? And What information are you putting in there?

Because that information will be translated directly in to your biology. Were being told were all going to die. Put that picture in your mind, and your chemistry will be stress hormones and cytokines. Be mindful of what your thinking.

The moment you start thinking of stressful things, Like OMG I’m not working for weeks, my job, my salary, do I have any money? can I pay my bills? Am I going to die? Fear comes from that. These fears are the primary things that inhibit the function of the immune system.

Norman cousins healed himself from a lethal disease, how? He locked himself in a hotel room and watched comedies. Enjoyed life and laughed, he overcame an illness that should have killed him.

If we do not focus on the problems that they keep throwing at us, you start to look at your life and ask, am I ok? yeah i’m good. How’s my family? were good, were healthy.

So even if there is a flu, remember, half of the people that tested with the flu don’t even have symptoms. So it’s not as lethal as they say, fear is the problem and what people must deal with today. Allow me to welcome you to a world where your ATTENTION creates your reality.