Alpha Waves For Serotonin & Endorphins, Meditation Music For Happiness

Enhancing your alpha is like a permanent level-up for your brain. It affects your creativity, happiness, emotional stability, productivity, relationships, and far more.

If you’ve ever been in a flow state — where you’ve lost your sense of time and self and become extraordinarily productive — you’ve experienced a burst of alpha. High alpha does a few different things for you, Eases anxiety, Lowers depression, Boosts creativity, Increases pain tolerance, Boosts resilience to stress, Basically, high alpha makes you a calmer, happier, less reactive, more creative and productive person.

I’ve also embedded powerful subliminal affirmations that will help your mind to ignore all of the little imperfections of a situation and push them away. You will start thinking positively about the circumstances around you and expecting only good things to happen.

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