Cleanse Guilt & Fear, Remove Negative Energy, 396 Hz

The powerful subliminal affirmations in this program will empower you to think better of yourself. You will notice that negative self-talk has less and less power over you and that you’re overall feeling is better about yourself. You will start viewing your goals as something within your reach, something that you’re entitled to and you’ll be driven to achieve them.

This one is tuned to 396Hz solfeggio frequency. The Frequency associated with Root Chakra also. The music tuned to this frequency helps in removing subconscious fears, worries and anxiety. This helps in activating the Root Chakra Energy center and unblocking this fundamental energy center, thus allowing it to flow freely. When the root chakra unblocks, you will also experience good physical energy and a sense of security. Away from Worries and Anxiety.

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