Heal Yourself With Your Mind

It’s common knowledge in medicine that the mind has a very strong interaction with the immune system and with our sense of well being, over time this has even become more of a part of core western medicine.

How can the mind heal and help the body?

In the deeper domains of consciousnesses, mind and body are the same thing, mind is the subjective experience of consciousnesses and the body is the objective experience of consciousness, and you experience them both in consciousness. Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness.

Ultimately its a shift in identity from the physical body to the enlightened identity, its a state of primordial being. In that state of primordial being theirs self repair, self organization, self evolution, all of which are the attributes of consciousness. So a movement in the direction of wholeness will repair the body.

When people are stressed they have high cortisol levels, high adrenaline levels, and the platelets get sticky in there fragmented consciousness all huddling together in there fright, which can give you a heart attack because they clog. If you look at this from a consciousness perspective, healing is the most fundamental experience.

When the mind is agitated the body is agitated because they are both the same thing. When mental activity gets turbulent the body gets turbulent. If your mental activity is inflamed, hostility, anger, guilt, shame, your body gets inflamed, but when the mind is at peace than so is the body and the self repair mechanisms take place. Genes are not fixed structures, they are activities in consciousnesses, happening in consciousness.